The KIDUSH Foundation believes that quality of life is enhanced through education. We partner with pediatric hospital school systems across North America to help children managing acute and chronic health conditions succeed in learning. The KIDUSH Foundation provides innovative learning solutions that support the academic needs of student-patients requiring prolonged medical care.

The KIDUSH Foundation creates engaging learning environments and academic resources that: impart knowledge, deliver inspiration, nurture determination, foster unity, open support and give hope.

  • K = Knowledge
  • I = Inspiration
  • D = Determination
  • U = Unity
  • S = Support
  • H = Hope
KNOWLEDGE - Through dynamic educational experiences, the KIDUSH Foundation transforms pediatric patients into motivated students eager to discover.
Success in learning has been proven to significantly enhance levels of self-assurance, perseverance and motivation — inspiration maintains a strategic function in the healing process.
Resiliency is rooted in our determination to overcome challenges. Yearning for connections to “normal life,” children managing advanced illnesses are transformed from patients to students through academic achievement. The results are invaluable, as reinvigorated senses of determination fortify their physical, emotional and intellectual resolve to continue fighting forward toward promising futures.
UNITY - Schools, corporations and organizations partner with the KIDUSH Foundation to champion the unique educational needs of children managing advanced illness.
SUPPORT - To support and enhance the impact of pediatric hospital schools, the KIDUSH Foundation presents educators with innovative technological resources tailored to the needs of children requiring prolonged medical care.
Through educational programming, the KIDUSH Foundation engages children the three pillars of hope — self-purpose, self-worth and self-competence.


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