The KIDUSH Foundation established the H.E.A.R.T. (Hospital Education Academic Resources & Technology) initiative to support and enhance the exceptional work of pediatric hospital school systems. Specialized hospital school teachers and administrators across North America are the heroes of children whose promising futures have been put on hold due to illness.

Offering both onsite and distance learning solutions specifically tailored for hospital school educators and their students, HEART is the first of many KIDUSH Foundation initiatives designed to support the academic needs of sick children.

Virtual Learning Experiences
At the KIDUSH Foundation, we believe that today’s exciting advances in technology have the power to optimize every space for academic achievement. For students of all ages, learning is most effective when it is immersive —recent advances in virtual reality make it possible to explore and discover knowledge from practically anywhere in the world. We embrace the educational benefits of these remarkable tools for children managing illness and are dedicated to harnessing its potential through our HEART platform. While the potential of immersive technology is far beyond where our imaginations can take us, the opportunities it already presents for sick children is truly unprecedented.

HEART - Onsite (PBL) & Offsite (HEART App) Programming
HEART App {Nursery - High School Levels}
ST’HEART (Skills & Tools) / SM’HEART (Science & Mathematics)

High School Specific HEART Resources:
B.E.A.T. - Baseline Educational Assessments & Tutorials
P.U.L.S.E. - Pre-Undergraduate Learning Support & Enrichment

Vocational & College Guidance